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Looking for fellowship, community, and personal/spiritual growth? Come out every Sunday at 6:00 pm to Guy's and Girl's small groups! We are currently going through the study "Basic" by Francis Chan. This study is proving to be deep and engaging so don't miss out!

Small Groups

Campus Outreach


The Net Young Adults Ministry is a non-denominational spiritually adventurous ministry focused on ages 17-30 in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is a ministry of The Net Fellowship Church. To accomplish its goals, the ministry uses various adventurous, creative and fun means to communicate its message while at the same time remaining open to the work of the Holy Spirit and centering itself on the Bible as its final authority. College students, single and married, young professionals, and military welcome. Only six miles from TAMUCC.​​

what is the net Young Adults?

Maybe you have asked some of these questions?

“It seems like I’ll never find someone!” 
• “How can I avoid the gut wrenching heartbreak?” 
• “Why can't we just be friends?” 
• “He/she is suffocating me!” 
• “How can I be sure that he/she is the right one?” 
• “I have already made so many mistakes, now what?” 
• “What does the Bible say about romantic relationships?” 
• “What does a healthy relationship really look like?” 
• “‘Experimental dating’ is exhausting. A better way?”

8 PM

The Relationship Series Begins  Oct 16 at 8 PM each Friday preceded by live music by The Net Band.

Look out for us on campus at TAMUCC and Del Mar! Stop by our tables, meet our friendly outreach team, and feel free to ask about anything going on at the Net! Possibly you would be interested in joining our campus ministries!

Are you looking to be challenged spiritually and intellectually? Would like to develop in public speaking and effective communication? Possibly you would like to grow in ministry and leadership. If so then a Net internship may be the right place for you! Be on the lookout for our next internship program! Message us if you'd like more information!

Last updated - 11/10/15

                    OUR SCHEDULE

 The Net Young Adults - Friday at 8 PM

Sunday Morning - 10:30 AM (all ages; click here)

Bible Study - Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 PM  (all ages)
Sunday night small groups - 6-7 PM Girls and guys 

Weekly prayer - Thursday at 7:00-8:15pm (all ages)   

Young Married Fellowship - 2nd Sunday  6 - 8:00 PM 

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