Come join us for a time of fellowship, special music, games and dinner together! Bring your favorite potluck dish. Bring a white elephant gift wrapped. Please do not spend more than $10 on the gift. (Recycles welcome). But DO bring your gift wrapped. You can bring more than one gift for the game since people will often come without a gift.What a great time to meet new people and enjoy and evening together as a church family! After dinner together we will have live Christmas carols and a special fun presentation. PREPARE TO LAUGH! This is your chance to dress up! (optional)

This event is for all ages. Parents supervise their own kids.

Tacky Sweater Night

Dec. 10

It's time to go out with a bang! For our LAST Friday young adults meeting this year we will have our Tacky Sweater night. After the Net ends that night, we will have a Tacky Sweater contest and continue the festivities!Come to The Net Young Adults at 8pm dressed in your tackiest attire!!! If you do not have a Tacky Christmas Sweater, we will allow Tacky T-shirts, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts etc! There are so many options, so we encourage everyone to dress up and participate in the FUN!! 

NOTE: Although this is our last Friday night we will still have Sunday mornings every week and other activities TBA. We will resume Friday nights on January 19th the week school starts.



Dec. 8

The Net Fellowship Christmas Potluck

Every year the Net Young Adults take several trips that can include, Enchanted Rock, Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains‚Äč, Guadalupe River, San Marcos River, conferences, concerts and more!