Mar. 29

We are going to see the movie "Unplanned" after our meeting and it is FREE to the first 30 people that sign up! All you have to do is attend our meeting at 8PM and sign up upon arrival! Our current Friday night series is "Life Undecided"! At some point, we all struggle with knowing what to do with our lives.
- “What is my purpose?”
- “Which career path is right for me?”
- “I’ve already made so many mistakes?"
- ”Do i have to go to college to succeed?”
- “Should I follow my Passion?”
Join us as we Explore Biblical Secrets leading to Life Fulfilment.

This meeting is focused on ages 17-30


Are these people crazy? Or is there something to it?
Still today, the gift of "tongues" brings up many questions. Even though the Bible has a lot to say about it, there still remains much uncertainty. This will be a thorough Biblical study of the relationship between "tongues" and the Spirit's infilling and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why does it matter? Is there validity? What about use of spiritual gifts in the assembly? What is proper? We will look at it all.

Q & A following. Bring some great questions!
Taught by Pastor Glenn Holland.
Childcare will be provided 8 months - 7 years

8 PM

Mar. 27

Guest Speaker Jim Darnell is speaking at the Net THIS SUNDAY! Jim has been a long time friend of Pastor Glenn and is family to the Net. With year of pastoral experience under his belt, he has imparted real wisdom and encouragement every time he has visited us. His love and excitement for Jesus is contagious! Be sure not to miss out on what will be an exciting Sunday morning!  

The Net Friday and FREE MOVIE EVENT!

"What About Tongues?" Seminar!

Special Guest: Jim Darnell!

10:30 AM

7PM - 9PM

Mar. 31

Every year the Net Young Adults take several trips that can include, Enchanted Rock, Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains​, Guadalupe River, San Marcos River, conferences, concerts and more!