Our most popular, 6-week series begins soon! Have you ever asked these questions:

 • “How can I reduce the risk of pain? Sometimes it feels like a casino!”
  • “It seems like I’ll never find someone!”
  • “How can I avoid the gut wrenching heartbreak i’ve experienced?”
  • “Why can't we just be friends?”
  • “He/she is suffocating me!”
  • “How can I be sure that he/she is the right one?”  
  • “I have already made so many mistakes, now what?”
  • “Does the Bible have something to say about romantic relationships?”
  •  “What does a healthy relationship really look like?”
  •  “‘Expiremental dating’ is exhausting. Is there a better way?”

This six week series is designed to be taken as a whole, it is important
to attend all six Friday nights if at all possible. This is a fresh approach to 
relationships! We'll have a free night of bowling afterwards! Free to those who come at 8PM and sign up!

Series Focus: Ages 17-30. Unmarried, divorced, in a relationship or engaged.​


Oct. 20

Our guys have been going out to Bayside and Refugio to aid residents by providing donated items and manpower! This area has been largely looked over, but has been devastatingly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Our efforts are organized throughout the week and can be followed on our Facebook page

The Net's Hurricane Relief Efforts

Join us for the Net On Campus THIS Monday! Everything you love about Friday night ON CAMPUS! Oso Room 221! Free Skating after! This will be our second ever on campus full Net meeting. Transportation is provided! We will provide a 15 passenger van to and from the campus for skating. Expected departure time: 8:30 PM Return 10:30-11:00 PM

Bring thick socks! PIZZA at the skating rink.

The Relationship Series BEGINS!


Every year the Net Young Adults take several trips that can include, Enchanted Rock, Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains​, Guadalupe River, San Marcos River, conferences, concerts and more!


Open Mic Night

Can you rap, dance, do impressions, sing, juggle eggs, or any other hidden talent? Show us! Come to our meeting at 8PM to sign up or sign up on our event page!

Oct. 13

The Net On-Campus and FREE SKATE NIGHT

Oct. 9