Lesley Rodriguez

Young Professional's Leader

Amanda Towne
AV Assistant Team leader

Prayer Facilitator
Senior Net Intern Alumni​

Book Club Leader

Leah Jackson

Assistant Executive Administrator 

​Campus Intern

Rebekah Cieslik

Del Mar Campus Leader

​Facilities Team Leader

​Transportation Director

Girl's Small Group Leader

Derrick Mercado

TAMUCC Campus Leader

Nathan Holland
Audio Visual Team Leader 


Dustin McManus

Young Professional's Leader

Colby Wiltse
Hospitality Director

​Intern Alumni

Mark Howard

Guy's Small Group Leader

Men's Breakfast 

Ashleigh Eastwood

TAMUCC Girls Bible Study Leader

​Follow-up Facilitator 

Sarah Wiltse
Executive Administrator

Small group director

Faith Moorehouse

Project Manager

The Net's Ministry Internship Program
Summer 2016 Interns

​​From left to right: 
Top: Pastor Glenn Holland, Blake Medders, Matt Hilliard, Mark Howard,

Derrick Mercado, Sarah Wiltse (Internship - Pastoral Assistant)
Middle: Lesley Rodriguez, Rebekah Cieslik, Cindy Gutierrez, Ali Kohutek

Bottom: KeAnna Whisenhunt, Jonathan Ramirez, Lauren Mehring, Ashleigh Eastwood

Glenn Holland, Lead Pastor and Ministry Director

​Glenn Holland, serves in a unique role within our young adults ministry. While serving as the senior pastor of The Net Fellowship Church, he remains fully engaged with our young adults and college students. He sees “passing the baton” to the next generation as a top priority
. He

and his wife Jeannette felt profoundly called to this emerging

young adults generation about 15 years ago and have remained

obedient to that call having a special heart for this generation.

Over the last 30 years he has served as a pastor, church

associate pastor, youth pastor and young adults pastor. He fulfilled

all of these roles while holding down his job as a surgical medical

device Rep for a major healthcare company. He brings this broad experience to bare as he seeks to develop young leaders to be effective for Christ in their world.  Making disciples is the high priority of the great commission. It is with that in mind that pastor Glenn remains directly involved in campus outreaches, leadership training, life coaching, adventurous trips, internships with our young adults. He seeks to empower young adults to find a voice – a voice that speaks powerfully to their generation.

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