**********PLEASE NOTE**********
When registering, you are agreeing to certain terms and trip rules that are listed further down this page.

READ THIS FIRST: If you are interested in this trip, please read the following information very carefully before you contact Pastor Glenn with your questions!

Most of your questions are answered right here! Also, please do not expect us to “save” you a place on the trip without a deposit.

Sunday Jan 7th 4:30pm Sam’s Club. Major shopping event for the trip. We need 8-10 volunteers! After shopping we will organize groceries at The Net building. Block out two hours.

Sunday Jan 7th 7:00pm brief orientation, pre-loading, everyone bring bulky items, sleeping bag, pads etc. to the Net. This orientation is required for people that are not experienced with deep winter camping.                                             

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of a mile high 5200’ (the same altitude as Denver!) It is very important that you prepare adequately for this trip so that you do not end up being miserable. We might be fortunate and get unseasonably mild and clear weather (as we often seem to get!). Please don’t count on it - don't count on snow either! Properly prepared, you can be reasonably comfortable in temperatures in the teens! We are going on the trip no matter what the forecast. So be prepared. The group campsites have heated bathrooms (YAY!). There are no showers (bummer) at the campsite but we will have one shower stop on the last night. (save up your quarters). There is no cell phone reception. Wi-Fi is available at dinner in the restaurant each evening.

Tuesday, JAN. 9: 

4:30am Early organizers arrive
5:00am EVERYONE arrives.
5:30am. Departure time. 
DO NOT arrive at or after 5:30am
4:00pm Arrive in Big Bend Panther Junction Station
5:00pm Set up camp
6:00pm – 8:00pm Dinner out - in groups
8:30pm Orientation meeting
9:30pm Night hike – the Window Trail. 4.5 miles

Wednesday, JAN. 10: 

6:45am Breakfast preparation 
7:30am Breakfast served
8:30am Set up lunch table
9:00am Hit the trail
9:30 small groups devotional
full hiking day for everyone
5:30 – 8:00pm Dinner out - in groups 
9:00pm group meeting

Thursday, JAN. 11: 

6:45am Breakfast preparation 
7:30am Breakfast served 
8:30am Set up lunch table
9:00am – 4:00pm Hit the trail
9:30 small groups - morning devotion
Option 1  Full hiking day
Option: 2 scenic canyons tour 
and hot springs
4:30pm depart for showers
5:30 -6:00pm one group to Canyon, one
group to showers
700 – 9:00(?) Staggered groups to dinner 
(as showers are completed)
9:30pm group meeting

Friday, JAN. 12: 

7:30am Breakfast preparation
8:15am Breakfast served 
9:00am set up lunch table for the road
Pack up and clean camp
10:00am Group meeting
11:00am group photo
11:30am leave Big Bend
Arrive CC late Friday night 



(please use this checklist!) 
_____travel food for the road – no meal stop 
          (Avoid embarrassment - avoid caffeine!) 
_____Cash – $50 for 4 dinners and misc.
_____Sleeping pad – insulates from cold ground 
          (extremely important) 
_____0-20 deg rated sleeping bag 
_____Extra blanket 
_____Small back pack (not a single strap) 
_____Sturdy tennis shoes/hiking boots preferred 
           (no worn out shoes! - they will fall apart!)
_____Thermal socks or thick cotton socks
_____Thermal underwear – if you are chilled easily
_____hand and foot warmers (cheap @ Academy)
_____Towel, toiletries etc. 
_____Warm winter jacket   (layering is just fine)
_____Winter cap (cover ears) 
_____Ski gloves/warm gloves
_____Hiking gloves for rocky areas (carpenters gloves)
_____raincoat (small packaged $1.00) 
_____compass/GPS – optional 
_____papers/passport (if not US Citizen) 
_____jeans/long pants – do not expect to wear shorts
_____compact Bible or Smart Phone Bible (no internet)
_____a friend 
_____good attitude

Big Bend National Park is a very large regional and mountainous park. It combines a desert landscape and canyons with pine forests in the higher mountains. It is very beautiful and gnarly and exiting all at the same time. The size and scope and the risks associated with this park are vast compared to Enchanted Rock. There are no hospitals within 70 miles. To insure everyone's safety we have done extensive planning and preparation for the trip. Big Bend National Park is located about 540 miles West of Corpus Christi.  Rugged conditions! PLEASE read carefully. The weather in Big Bend can be very cold in January and it can change suddenly. We will be camping at an altitude 


Team hiking and camper’s survey: The trip is organized around designated teams. Each team is made up of usually 6-7 people. Small group devotions, dinner meals, and hiking are generally done by teams. We will make every effort to place you with a group that is suitable for you and with someone that you know. We want everyone to have an enjoyable trip! For safety reasons and to insure a great experience for you, it is important that you answer the online questionnaire thoroughly and honestly. On the third day the teams may be reworked some. If the survey link is not visible, it will be shortly.


Trip Fee: $150 FULL balance must be paid on or before Sunday Dec 31st.

Late registration: $170 if FULL balance is paid by Sun. Jan 7th. 


REGISTRATION INCLUDES A MANDATORY SURVEY FORM. Please be honest when filling it out. DO NOT tell us what you hope to be athletically or where you were 6 months ago! Tell us where you are now. You do NOT want to be on a team that is not suitable for you just because you think it might be cool. The realities will catch up to you! If you are 16 and under, you must fill out the parent waiver form provided below. 





Everyone must bring additional spending money for four dinners out, for road food, and other misc. needs. We recommend at least $50. 

Trip fees include: Transportation costs, park entry fees, campsite fees, breakfast and lunch and snacks for three days. Dinners are not included.

Cancellations: Any cancellations or no-shows the day of or the day before the trip will forfeit their entire trip fee. Otherwise, if we are notified in advance of your cancellation, your money can be refunded minus $40 deposit. The refund is available only if you request it.


Sign-up and Reservations: Everyone will be reserving there place on a first come first serve basis. You are registered and your place on the trip is reserved ONLY when you 1.) pay at least the non-refundable $40 deposit and 2.) you have filled out the online Trip survey. This deposit is applied toward your total cost. We are expecting to take about 30-40 people. NO ONE is reserved without a deposit. What if you change your mind and loose your deposit? Consider it a donation to a great ministry! (Deposits are non-transferrable – you can’t give it or designate it to a friend)

Equipment: If you don’t have some of the essentials on the "What to bring" list and cannot afford to buy them or you cannot find someone to borrow from, then please let us know. We can help you! Some of us (NOT EVERYONE) will need to bring tents and vehicles. The Net has high quality Coleman pop up tents available for everyone.

When you sign up, you are agreeing to abide by the trip rules. DO NOT plan to bring your vehicle unless it is approved for this trip.

Sponsorships: If you are wanting to go on this trip but are not going purely because of the finances then talk to Pastor Glenn. You will be placed on a sponsorship list. It is possible that some of your trip could be paid for by special donations!

To insure harmony we require the following:

  • No coupling off or public displays of affection
    • (except for married couples)
  • Separate sleeping arrangements for men and women
    • (except for married couples)
  • Christian music only
  • Approved vehicles only on the trip
  • No earphones when hiking 
  • Everyone shares the work assignments
  • Off-trail hiking - no less than threesome
  • Hiking teams must log out
  • Everyone participates in group activities
  • Absolutely No tobacco, alcohol, or firearms permitted 
  • (Firearms permitted for CHL holders - notify PG if intent to carry)
  • Do not be possessive of a particular seat
  • in the vehicle – move around!
  • All participants must wear seat belts
  • All drivers must switch with an alternate driver
  • No whining
  • Have fun!

For budgeting you will need to add $50 to the true cost of the trip for meals out.

Registration is restricted to ages of 17-30. Please do not register if you are outside of this age range.

Some exception may be permitted. 15-16 year olds active in our “Younger Adults” ministry.


JANUARY 9-12, 2018

The Net young adults are headed for Big Bend National Park for the annual rugged winter campout! This is for those that like challenging adventure. The trip will be relationship-rich, inspirational and fun. It involves lots of hiking. The trip is for young adults who are 17 to 30 years old (Some exceptions may apply).  We will be gone 4 days and 3 nights. We will live a week of life in 4 days!